The Dissenters: Putting Liverpool On The Map

In Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, between the city’s impressive Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, runs Hope Street, an essential destination for anyone doing a Beatles’ tour. Attractions include Gambier Terrace – Stuart Sutcliffe’s student digs which John Lennon shared from time to time, The Liverpool Institute – secondary school for Paul, George, and various other peripheral figures

Smile, And Buy A Bass … The Eric Griffiths Story

The photo above shows Eric Griffiths (circled), next to Rod Davis (with glasses) at the Quarry Bank School Fete in 1955. The famous photo of The Quarrymen at Woolton Village Fete, taken some two years after the one above, shows Eric standing extreme left with a serious expression, trying to coax a respectable sound out

The Enduring Mystery Of John Lennon’s School Cap

One of the interesting things about being a Beatles’ historian, writer, or author, is that there is a always a new angle to explore. So much has been written about the group, and such is the thirst for knowledge, that articles delve into the minutiae of their lives and times. One of the stories that has

The Ex-Quarryman Who WASN’T Turned Down By Decca

Superstardom and fabulous wealth have much to recommend them, but being one of the original members of a group which later becomes a phenomenon, and not staying around long enough to taste that fame, is not necessarily a missed opportunity, especially when your true talents are destined to shine through in another field. When that