Smile, And Buy A Bass … The Eric Griffiths Story

The photo above shows Eric Griffiths (circled), next to Rod Davis (with glasses) at the Quarry Bank School Fete in 1955. The famous photo of The Quarrymen at Woolton Village Fete, taken some two years after the one above, shows Eric standing extreme left with a serious expression, trying to coax a respectable sound out

The Ex-Quarryman Who WASN’T Turned Down By Decca

Superstardom and fabulous wealth have much to recommend them, but being one of the original members of a group which later becomes a phenomenon, and not staying around long enough to taste that fame, is not necessarily a missed opportunity, especially when your true talents are destined to shine through in another field. When that

The Other Hayman’s Green Basement Club … And The Other Quartet

1959 was a very quiet year for The Quarrymen, but the events of that year were also pivotal in the formation of the band that would go on to get a recording contract in three short years, achieve unprecedented national fame in four, and international fame in five. Most of those events took place in